depinisyon kahulugan
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defDictionary definitions that start with: IN
inin a bad wayin a beastly mannerin a broad way
in a flashin a heartfelt wayin a higher placein a low voice
in a nutshellin a pig's eyein a similar wayin a way
in absentiain advancein agreementin all
in all likelihoodin all probabilityin an elaborate wayin and in
in and of itselfin any casein any eventin apposition
in arrearsin both earsin briefin camera
in casein chorusin circlesin cold blood
in commonin concertin conclusionin condition
in darknessin demandin detailin dishabille
in due coursein due seasonin due timein earnest
in effectin essencein everyone's thoughtsin evidence
in extremisin factin fiscal mattersin flight
in forin forcein frontin full
in full actionin full swingin gearin general
in good orderin good spiritsin good tastein good time
in great confusionin handin hastein height
in her own rightin her right mindin hidingin high spirits
in his own rightin his right mindin its own rightin kind
in large quantitiesin leaguein linein loco parentis
in lovein low spiritsin namein name only
in no timein onin one casein one ear
in one's birthday suitin one's own rightin operationin order
in other wordsin particularin passingin perpetuity
in personin placein playin point of fact
in practicein principlein privatein public
in questionin realityin returnin secret
in seriesin shortin short orderin sight
in situin small stagesin so farin some manner
in some wayin someone's wayin spadesin spite of appearance
in stagesin stockin storein straitened circumstances
in stridein stylein tandemin that
in that locationin that respectin the adjacent apartmentin the adjacent house
in the airin the altogetherin the bargainin the beginning
in the buffin the endin the first placein the flesh
in the leadin the leastin the long runin the lurch
in the mainin the meantimein the midstin the nick of time
in the public eyein the rawin the same breathin the south
in the wayin their right mindsin theoryin this
in timein totoin truthin turn

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