depinisyon kahulugan
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doc Definition of sober
    English to English
  • not affected by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)
  • source: WordNet 3.0
  • completely lacking in playfulness
  • source: WordNet 3.0
  • Temperate in the use of spirituous liquors; habitually temperate; as, a sober man.
  • source: Webster 1913
    adjective satellite
  • dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises
  • A grave God-fearing man.
    A quiet sedate nature.
    As sober as a judge.
    A solemn promise.
    The judge was solemn as he pronounced sentence.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • lacking brightness or color; dull
  • Drab faded curtains.
    Sober Puritan grey.
    Children in somber brown clothes.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • cause to become sober
  • A sobering thought.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • become more realistic
  • After thinking about the potential consequences of his plan, he sobered up.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • become sober after excessive alcohol consumption
  • Keep him in bed until he sobers up.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • To make sober.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • To become sober; -- often with down.
  • source: Webster 1913
    English to Tagalog
  • [sóber] Mahinahon; mahinhin; mabait
  • source: Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog
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